key points to check a second-hand car

A beautiful body can hide serious internal failures. That’s why I give you these 15 key points to check a second-hand car and avoid being cached

When reviewing a second-hand car you should take into account many factors. A car enters through the eyes and experienced salespeople know it, so behind a beautiful body and in perfect condition, you can hide industrial quantities of rust and important mechanical failures. Rare Model used cars in modesto.

Deteriorated lows

Entering the speed past the speed bumps will cause chafing on the underside and may be an obvious sign of poor vehicle use. Elements like the front suspension have been able to suffer more than necessary. They can also show little care when parking.

Irregular Joints :

But an accident leaves traces that are difficult to camouflage. When it comes to checking a used car, you have to make sure that the body joints fit perfectly. Also note that elements such as the radiator or the alternator are original, if they are not, ask for explanations, a blow may be behind.

Doors and windows:

 How doors close can reveal very serious problems. They must fit perfectly: if they make a strange noise or are difficult to fit, they can conceal important structural problems. Check that the moons do not have pecks and that they are in perfect condition.


 If a car with few years presents paint with little brightness, it denotes that it can sleep in the open air. The sink can leave traces in the paint. A uniform color shows that the car has been taken care of and that it has foreseeable slept in the garage. Beware of the differences in tonality in different parts of the car, it can show that the car has suffered a blow and when replacing the piece has not been painted in the same color: discover its origin.

used cars in modestoDealers and sales :

Car dealers usually have a good assortment of used customers who come to buy a new car and deliver yours as part of payment. Of course, the centers specialized in used cars are also a good source of offers and interesting prices.

Another question that arises here is whether it is better to buy the car from an individual or a professional. Well, there is everything. There are honest professionals and private pirates and vice versa. In general, a private person has the advantage that we can “interrogate” him and know why he sells it, see how he takes care of his car and can usually negotiate the price with him and get a good offer. On the other hand, we will have a lower guarantee and backup in case of problems with the car. If you do not have much experience in buying a used car, it is best to go to a reputable and serious sale.