Advantages of video lectures

Advantages of video lectures

Video Lectures are a better way of learning than any other medium. Through the videos, the students are likely to remember for a longer period of time. If you are a person who is interested in teaching the students using the medium of video, then you can create e-learning courses. There are a lot of advantages of presenting a video for the purpose of teaching as well as training. This will also help your students to have a better understanding of your videos and it will result in more effective results. Here, we have mentioned some of the advantages of video lectures over other forms.

Ease of access

With the lectures being available in videos from, your students can now learn from anywhere using their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. The only thing which needs to be taken care of is the file format of the lecture video and everything will available to the students. There are certain applications and software available through which you can view any video lectures of any format.

Learn whenever you want

There is no limit to when your students can see the lectures. Your students can watch the videos anytime you feel like. All you need is to have the video lecture with yourself.

Video Lectures

Learning at an individual pace

Not every student are the same and not all of them have the same pace of learning. Video lectures allow the students to learn at their own pace. If a student doesn’t understand a particular topic in the video, they can go over it again and again until they fully understand it.

Many ways to use

Video lectures aren’t only limited to distance learning. You can also use them as a medium f study in the classes as well. Doing so will result in more interactive sessions among the students and your students will be able to understand better.

Easy to deliver

You can upload video lectures on various websites on the internet. It will also make it easy for the students to access the video lectures. You can also make a playlist and transfer it onto a CD and send the lectures to your student or else you can also email them to your students.


These are the only a handful of advantages of video lectures. But this isn’t the only ones. There are no limits to the benefits of video lectures and thus, the number of video lectures are increasing and more people are interested in making such video lectures for their students.