Determine that You Have Average IQ

How to Determine that You Have Average IQ

How do you know what your IQ says?

Basically, you have to take an IQ test to tell what your IQ says about you. Some people may used it as a requirement for work, a requirement for enrollment at school, or upon doctor’s appointment. Sometimes, it is a way for professionals to identify how intelligent and capable a person to comply and work with tasks.

Intelligence tests are designed to measure knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your life and your ability to reason, solve problems, and make actual sens on informations. IQ tests are also administered by psychologist, that is why there’s no reason for it to be deemed invalid or fake.

The Average IQ

If you have an average IQ you may be wondering what it really means. Is it good, okay, or not okay?

The Average IQ

It is really hard to just rely on what your IQ tests says about you, some says you don’t have to worry because it just determine your intelligence not your capacity to do things.

However, if you are an average IQ. just make sure to keep in mind these things:

  1. It means you have average reasoning and problem-solving skills. Your IQ score may be an indicator of your reasoning and problem-solving skills but always remember that the tests don’t tell the whole picture of what you can do.
  2. An average IQ can never tell the whole story of what you are really capable of. What IQ tests couldn’t measure is your willingness to learn new things, practical skills, and your talents. You may have an average IQ score, but you might also be a great musician, a creative artist, or a mechanical whiz.
  3. IQ scores are not really necessary. IQ scores can change over time, meaning if you have an average score today, tomorrow you may have low IQ or above IQ range.
  4. Experts says that your EQ may matter more than your IQ. IQ tests fails to address things like how curious you are about the world, how good you are at understanding, controlling and managing your emotions.

Final Thoughts on Average IQ

Don’t stress or get frustrated if you don’t have an above average IQ or a high IQ, or if you are not considered as “genius”. People can’t judge you with your IQ score because you are certainly more than just that.

Remember that having a higher IQ doesn’t ensure you your success, just as having a lower IQ doesn’t mean you are a failure.