Top 4 Tips For Submitting Your Music to a Blog

An online presence is crucial to a musician’s career. There are thousands of blogs dedicated to reviewing and promoting future musicians and bands. Thus, making your music accepted by blogs owned by music companies can mean better visibility for you on the Internet.

Here are some tips to help you send your music on a blog.

# 1 Meet the blog

Taking the time to research the blog you choose for your music blog will help you determine if the blog is perfect for the type of music you are creating. It will also help you start a better relationship with the blogger. Knowing the blog and its purpose can help you personalize your email to show that you really take it seriously and have tried hard to get information about them.

# 2 Tell them what your music represents

Instead of including generic phrases in your email, try to explain why your music is important to you, what inspired you to create that piece and what you hope to give to listeners. That’s IF you are sure that your music will impress the music promotion companies. You can also add a Soundcloud link to your most popular song so that the company can test your music. When you add a personal touch to your music blog presentation, you can help the blogging company get to know you better as a musician and, hopefully, forge a more permanent relationship with you.

# 3 Give details

When the music promotion companies look for a musician in their blog, they want to know what makes you different from the other hundreds of musicians who send them proposals. Instead of sending the link to your song and general email, it is useful to add details about you. You can mention where you live, what kind of music you do, what kind of musicians are in your band and if you have new albums coming out soon.

# 4 Be sincere

Despair can lead people to do things that would otherwise embarrass them, and this is especially true in the case of artists and musicians in distress. Although you should try to get your music and those around you, be careful not to include dishonest statements in the sending of your music blog. Lies can be easily discovered, and once it’s open, it will not only cost you the blog, it will tarnish your image as an artist. Be sure to be completely honest when making presentations to music blogs.