t-10 in WoT

The SU-101 Best Equipment and Crew Skills Set Up

SU-101 at https://gamestore.live/wot-accounts/su-101 is one of the powered vehicles. Some players find this vehicle a bit entertaining on the test server before its release. Others say that it has a pleasant surprise when you are driving with it on the battlefield. It comes with precise camo at a range that offers a fast reload and can move in no time. You could play it with stealth sniper or as medium support, depending on the wargaming. The best is to start it with range and then move closer in to mop up the rest. This tank is great for heavy play style with high dpm that puts an enemy under pressure in close range brawls. When this tank is well-armored, you could always make a winning game. This tank’s role is assault guns which means that you could fight in front lines. Understanding this tank’s armor, guns, and other tools could help you to shift the battle.

The Tank’s Gameplay

The SU-101 destroyer comes with plenty of surprises. It does not only move fast on war zones but, also boost your tough frontal hull and superstructure armor. Thus, you could take crucial positions early on enemy tanks and intercept opponents. It comes with thick armor but, invincible so, avoid exposing your vehicle for quite a long period. It is better to take a shot and then come back to safety or cover. Try to angle on some position but, make it quick as you might end up exposing your weak sides.

This tank is great for ragged battlefield but, to play it safe, you better avoid fighting in hilly terrain. This is because you have a limited gun depression yet, your armor angles might negate. Thus, it makes you somehow vulnerable to enemy fire. SU-101 tank can be a fast going vehicle either forward or backward. Its traverse speed is atrocious so you better keep mobile enemy tanks at a distance. Tendencies are when enemies are near they could outmaneuver you and pick you apart. So, focus on cumbersome heavy tanks and as much as possible have allies as a backup.

t-10 in WoT

Recommended Set Up

The tank comes with top gun 122mm M62-C2 and with great penetration value. Thus, giving you good damage per shot, best in close quarters. But, you still need to sneak out, aim for a shot, and reload in quick time. Since your reload time is rather high, you need to ensure to reload behind cover. Otherwise, your enemies would pay you back double. When it comes to accuracy, it is quite too low to shoot at most weak spots. But, with great penetration, it is enough for you to recover fast in war zones. Thus, play your crew skills and equipment better, here’s the recommended set up for you:

Equipment Set Up:

  • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Improved Ventilation Class 2

Crew Skills

  • Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, and Brothers in Arms
  • Gunner: Repair, Snap Shot, and Brothers in Arms
  • Driver Repair: Clutch Braking, Brothers in Arms
  • Loader Repair: Safe Stowage, Brothers in Arms

Make the most of your tank destroyer and reduce reload and aiming time. The right equipment would help you to both shoots frequently and land the reliable shots. To keep your tracks from blowing, mount a toolbox instead of improved ventilation. Also, you need to set up your crew skills together with your repair. For turretless vehicles, repair is one of the most important skills to have. The snapshot of the game is the bonus works both during turret and gun traverse.