Video Game Review

Tips to write your first Video Game Review

There might have been a moment when you are so much in love with a particular game that you have decided to write a review on it. But the problem is that you have not written any gaming review earlier nor do you have any idea about it. You do not need to worry about that. We have got you covered. We have made a list of some of the important things that you should take care of while writing a gaming review or get 먹튀검증.

Time Limits & Commitments

It is unlikely that an online gaming review company is going to provide you a copy of its latest game before the release. So, you have to get the copy once it is released. Then you have to play it, review it, write it, edit it and publish. Most of the gamers generally read a game’s review on the day of the game’s release. So, you have got very less time to play the game and review it.

However, most of the game review publications allow its reviewers to publish their review within one week of the game’s release. A good review doesn’t take too much of time to write. Even if you play the game for 6- 8 hours, it would be enough for the review purpose.

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Jotting down Notes

In order to make your review unique than the others, you got to write down points while you play the game. Every time you experience something good or bad about the game, write it down. This would be helpful for you while writing the final review. Jot down the features which stood out according to you and the places where improvement is required. This would make your article better for the readers to read it.

Word Length & Substance

A good review is a mixture of essential details and insightful opinions. Make sure that your review is neither too long for the reader to get bored not too short to make them feel incomplete. Generally,an average game review should contain around 100 words. However, the publications can have its own demand for words. Writing a review is not only about writing the features and faults of the game but also providing your opinions. You should pay equal attention to other elements of eth game like the music, sound, graphics, control,and gameplay. These things are of great details to the reader.


Once done, you can do the final polishing of your review and then you will have your first gaming review in your hand.