Neopets Will Launch a Mobile Game this Season

A Neopet mobile app has somewhat been rumored since 2014. It’s now authorized news that Neopets is evolving a mobile game named Legends and Letters. Declared at a party Comic-Con, CEO David Lord defined the game as a mix of “Neopets wisdom, a puzzle game mechanic, and battles,” as said by The Verge. Along with the game, the firm declared that a mobile site and app are on the waytoo, letting consumers play the games presently accessible on their browser site. Legends and Letters aredistinct from the player’s browser account. This means that the statistics from the account cannot be transferred to the novel game. Now, there should be some solution to the difficulty we have here, as well as an explanation from! We offer you the choice to buy Neopoints securely at inexpensive prices.

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