Weight Training Program

Some Important Tips For Your Weight Training Program

Weight training, just like strength training makes use of weights for resistance. This can be done by creating pressure to your muscles performed with the free weights (dumbbells or barbells) or by using the weight machines and these exercises can enable your muscles to get activated to get stronger.

Right weight training generally depends on using proper technique. You can learn weight training method by watching your friends and others in a gym — but at times it might not be safe and effective. Because incorrect weight training method will lead to strains, sprains, fractures and other painful injuries, which can hamper your training efforts.

Advantages of Weight Training

Advantages of Weight Training

There’s a long list on why you must include weight training in the program.

  • Strength training not just increases your physical work, but also improves your capability of performing activities of day-to-day living. You can work longer and harder with the right weight training techniques.
  • Improves your bone density. The best ways of controlling the bone loss when you age is adding strength training in your workout program.
  • Promotes no fat body mass with lower sarcopenia. We work so hard for lean muscle mass that decreases with age.  Suppose we do not add any weight training in our routine it can turn in fat.
  • Increases your strength of muscles, tendons and connective tissue. It leads to higher motor performance and reduced injury risk.
  • Improves your life quality and gain body confidence. Weight training won’t just make you very strong, but also will help in managing your overall weight.

Selecting the right weight lifting method

It’s very important to choose the proper weight lifting technique, not just in the beginning of the weight lifting routine, but even when your program progresses. Choosing the proper weight lifting method generally depends on many factors like:

  • Conditioning level
  • Experience level
  • Time constraints
  • Motivation levels
  • Specific goals

It is good to start with a simple weight lifting technique and keep it very simple for some sessions. When you progress, you can modify your weight training program just by implementing some more variation in it. When you’re very confident with the strength and know your body well, then you can progress with more bodybuilding training method.

Keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind

  • Keep back straight while lifting.
  • Use right lifting technique while moving weights.
  • Wear shoes with great traction.
  • Ensure equipment is in very good condition.
  • Don’t continue lifting when you feel the pain. Stop any painful exercise for some days, and try with less weight.

Don’t hyperventilate or ever hold your breath while lifting heavy weights. You can faint or lose control. Breathe out while you lift.