What You Need To Know About Vodka And Its Health Benefits

Vodka, a worldwide known drink that originated in Russia. A type of spirit made from wheat, rye or even potatoes. Most vodkas are sold with 40% ABV which means these things aren’t newcomers drink. If you plan to take on this alcoholic beverage you should take it in moderation because it’s tougher than it looks. Surely, you have already seen the movie The Hangover, no one really knows what those guys have been drinking all night, but if some people would be asked to take a wild guess, vodka will surely be part of the answer.

While it’s undoubtedly a symbol of Russian pride and has put many men to sleep than Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson combined (maybe including you too!), what most people don’t know about vodka and alcoholic drinks, in general, it’s actually beneficial to your health. But before you get into a drinking frenzy you should know that the health benefits will only kick in if only (if only) you drink in moderation. How moderate you say? It’s actually only about 35 to 40 milliliters, yeah it’s not the levels that would get you drunk and that is exactly the whole point because 35 to 40 milliliters is the therapeutic level, go way past that and it’s already bad for you. So to convince you to take vodka in moderation for better health, below are some benefits of drinking vodka.

It’s a wonder drug: In the old days, vodka was considered an all-around cure for any ailments. Surely placebo was part of that at some point but the fact is it does cure a few things that it can technically be considered as an odd wonder drug. So what does it do exactly? Before you read the things mentioned below you have to understand that these things were documented during the 8th and 9th century.

  • A cure for skin conditions
  • Used as a lotion
  • Prescribed as a tonic
  • Used to cure fatigue
  • Used to prevent premature labor

Its true health benefits: While some of the above mentioned would still merit some studies to prove if it’s true, there are health benefits that have already been proven that got associated with vodka.

  • It’s an effective stress buster
  • It’s an effective disinfectant
  • It’s an effective anti-inflammatory agent
  • It’s an effective antiseptic agent
  • It’s a great facial cleanser
  • It’s a great pore tightening agent
  • It’s a great anti-dandruff agent
  • May help reduce stroke
  • Can help reduce hypertension
  • Aids with digestion
  • It has an anesthetic effect

Vodka is a great drink not just for the people that wants’ a good spirit and a good challenge. Vodka offers the world the Russian pride. If you loved your alcoholic beverages if there is a good reason to visit Russia, it would be because of vodka. While it can’t be denied that vodka is a great alcoholic drink, what most people don’t know is it has a long history of medicinal purposes that dated back to the 8th and 9th century. Proving that vodka is also good for you (but in moderation). If you want to know more about the benefits of drinking vodka, you can visit websites for more details.