MUDITA – Expression of joy for others being a success

Mudita is a Sanskrit word which means “joy” or “pleasure.”

Mudita is full of joy and the wonderful feeling of expression. The best moment of mudita is to see my parents how a child grow and learn activities and become successful? Mudita is a feeling of joy for the success of another person. Practice for praising someone for success. in Four Brahma Viharas Mudita is third viharas to spread a feeling of joy with the success of others. Learn Deep attitude of happiness with the achievement of any individual. A feeling of replication must be spontaneous

Mudita is REJOICE

If someone does some positive signal to another person then with the same attitude the second person should reply. Accumulate similar wipes while spreading positive actions is a kind of rejoice.

Buddha always dedicated positive actions in the name of that person who was not deeply contributed not dedicate the sponsored member for an event but the person who listens calmly and rejoice deeply. Buddha always believes to be happy when somebody is doing good, reply with more positive action instead of becoming angry, jealous then only you accumulate positive gamma.

Attitude of MUDITA

You are always disappointed by the success of others this makes you Unhappy for no reason. For some others achievement you are unhappy then you are in a wrong way of creating pain yourself. So change your attitude in a positive manner why you are not happy? Unnecessary warriors for being happy then make you joyful from the heart. Make a peaceful joyful environment and dream of achieving the goal. The way of thinking should be inculcated by yourself for being positive. So meditation is the mental action of concentration positive peace of mind. Focus always on positive peace of mind.

Find a way by rejoicing

A person who has something good wipes without losing money, without any greed is always achieved a positive attitude and stimulates a feeling of pleasure and kindness toward the needy person. Feeling of sympathetic joy is always an incredible spontaneous feeling of joy from the heart. Always cultivate stable peace of mind. So meditation is the mental action of concentration positive peace of mind. Focus always on positive peace of mind. Unhappy for no reason is a major drawback of negative personality. Try to be confident in every situation. Keep Practising for rebirth always. You should follow Buddhism in daily life for mental and physical peace.