We would all love to be healthy and happy but this isn’t the case most of the times. To know your sense of freedom, to discover yourself and to not hold back will sometimes bring a release of emotions that were otherwise mimicking others. How to get involved with the right person and share the vibes that will be the driving force to be together are some of the concepts that are dealt in the lessons and pearls of wisdom shared by Giordana Toccaceli.

She has long since been dedicated to helping both men and women find their ideal partners and feel amazing about themselves and to others through their personality and vibes. She has been a certified international dating, relationship and intimacy expert. She has a repertoire of helping top business honchos to helping famous celebrities. From athletes to common men and women, all have taken the assistance of Giordana Toccaceli. She has founded the Embody Love Project which helps to empower both girls and women to love their latent beauty, pledge to kindness, and facilitate for making the world a better place.

The Programs Undertaken Under this Project

There are several initiatives that are taken.As they say, “catch ‘em young.” The youth are prone to being self-conscious about the way they look, dress and other aspects. This is the time to guide them and help them understand that the outer beauty has no worth unless the person is beautiful from the inside too. Being kind to people who are different from you and accepting them for what they are is what this project is concerned aboutdoing in schools, colleges, and universities.

There are messages that need toget across that are loud, clear and resonate with the youth. They make you aware that comparing yourself with others will be futile because you are unique. Be kind and touch other souls through your actions and much more. Such messages are deep and impact the youth in a big way. Initiatives are taken to help you and mentors guide you for every step of the way.These will be students, one among you, so that you will not hesitate while discussing your issues and they will be able to relate to you a lot better too.

This project also helps you to discover yourself and build the leadership qualities that you can showcase. There are braggers and shamerswhich has to stop, and a revolution must be brought on the campus with new improved thinking. Each person is beautifuland they too have many good qualities that you may discover after the barrier of prejudice is lifted. The need to stand up for what you think is right and nail the message across to everyone is what we all should strive for.