People get confused what to use for exercising as so many equipment are out regularly which sometimes claim to be better or different from the already existing workout equipment that is available in most gyms or bought at home. The claims may be true, but do they work out for you will the million-dollar question. There would be fad to that people may follow or just a fancy to try out new equipment. But using a recumbent bike would benefit most people as it is a tried and tested product and many people have been using these and they look exactly like modified bikes. Make the best use of EXERCISE RECUMBENT BIKE.

Why it is better

Most people would like to use the tread mill and think it is the best for your cardio work out, there is no denying this. But you are restricted to a single space unlike the treadmill you can do this outdoors. The treadmill won’t be suitable for people with heart issues, back issues or even neck and shoulder problems. In in the end you would want to burn calories without getting too tired and enjoying yourself while doing so. People may put it out as the needs of the user will help you decide which one would good for you and what you want to attain. But as you grow older, you could switch to something that’s not so taxing and recumbent bikes are ideal. There is also an option of pedalling faster for those who don’t want to miss out on the adrenalin rush.

In the treadmill workouts, the speeds are pre-set unlike the incumbent bikes, the individual riding it can pedal to his/her own rhythm. For the treadmills which is usually indoors, it helps when the weather is undesirable. You could do a variety of things on a treadmill like sprint, jog, walk, and all those three by inclining it upwards. But in an incumbent bike you either pedal slow or fast. But they don’t allow for the pressure to be exerted on the shoulders, wrists and of course your lower back. So, if you are recovery from some injury or have cardiovascular issues, incumbent bikes are ideal.The stationary bikes now have the option of choosing the resistance level of pushing the pedal, which you can increase or decrease the difficulty as per the choice of the user. Buy your new EXERCISE RECUMBENT BIKE.

People who some weight issues, not extremely obese can consider the incumbent bike for helping them shed the few extra pounds accumulated. But who are fit and want to tone their body and have higher fitness goals may not feel incumbent bike the right option for them. Treadmills help burn up more calories with lesser amount of time with the same speed. But the recumbent bike exercising experience is a pleasant one and people will will stick to the routine.