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The Major Reasons On Why You Should Not Buy Followers For Your Instagram Account

One of the major reasons on why your friends or digital marketing team would have suggested buying followers for your Instagram account would be to gain a trust value that would encourage a visitor to become your follower. It is true that not everyone would want to follow an account that hardly has any followers. But if this is the reason why you have considered their suggestion and are now proceeding with buying followers for your Instagram account, then let me stop you right there. Here are six major reasons on why you should not buy instagram followers.

  • The followers you bought would never engage with any of the buy instagram followerscontent you post or share on your account. Most or if you are that unfortunate, all of the followers you just bought might be fake accounts. If they are fake then, who would engage?
  • You could receive inappropriate comments for your posts from various bots. Sometimes you might see some comments made in a different language. Very often, these comments are all ads about sex toys. These are the work of bots and come from the fake followers you just bought.
  • Buying fake followers is against the terms of service listed out by Instagram. Which means, if you have bought them, then you are violating Instagram’s terms of service. Do you think Instagram would just watch and let that go?
  • On comparing with the engagement rate from a genuine account would have a certain pattern. So if a number of followers are fake ones, Instagram can easily spot you out.
  • By buying fake followers, you are opening your doors to a bucket load of spam posts. These spam accounts might even follow your genuine followers. When your genuine followers finds out about the quality of these spam accounts, they might just as well unfollow you too.
  • You might have heard about “the great Instagram purge of 2014”. That’s true! Instagram finds out and removes all fake accounts.

So before you proceed to buy instagram followers, keep all of the points mentioned above in your mind. Carefully analyze the situation and only if you need it that bad, only then proceed to buy followers. Even while you have bought followers, always ensure to increase the number of genuine followers for your account while removing the inactive or fake ones.