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Now Don’t Walk, But Drive The Way to Virtual Reality

Well, virtual reality has certainly opened many new doors for the entertainment industry, but now we are looking at how this technology helps make our lives easier. And it seems that, at least, someone heard our request and decided to save us from all the pain of buying a used car. The difficulties in buying a car are directly proportional to the driving excitement.

Talking points

Here we are talking about one of the largest online dealers of used Vroom cars, which once again made efforts to simplify the purchase of cars with the help of a great virtual reality technology. Vroom has launched a virtual showroom that allows users to explore 15 models and models without leaving their own headphones. This experience allows users to get as close as possible in digital form to the next set of wheels through the HTC Vive headset. Does not it sound really interesting? Let’s briefly describe how their virtual showrooms work.

Basically, when you put an HMD in a Vroom store, it looks like you’re in a huge garage full of cars similar to those that might have been in Fast and the Furious. It bothers you? As you move forward, pointing the handset at different parts of the room, you can take a closer look at the cars or, if you look directly at it, you will get more detailed information about it. But that’s not all, and you can even take a virtual driving test of a car while browsing a 360-degree video of a Texas street.

virtual reality enterprise

Well, obviously, this is a creative thinking process, and the system is not reliable, since the image is sometimes a bit distorted, especially inside the car. But you will also agree that it is still better than dealing with tireless salespeople. The cars in the VR version are animated, which makes this experience more like a video game than a real trip around the city. Well, in that case, we agree that it’s really impossible to feel what it’s like to sit in the car of your dreams.

And the best part is that the company not only focuses on wealthy consumers and advanced virtual reality enterprise users, but also hopes to launch a version of a virtual reality system that uses Google Cardboard or another similar accessible interface that allows potential buyers check used cars without leaving at home


It seems that we have come a long way with virtual reality, and there is still a long way to go or maybe driving virtual reality cars, and the courtesy will be Vroom.